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Translation patterns with AXL

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Created by: Juerg Ott on 24-01-2013 10:02:15 AM
I search a way how i can get a list of all Translation patterns in the system.
With the web-gui its easy: Call Routing -> Translation Pattern  -> input pattern filter and go.
the result is a nice list with all teh Translation patterns.  
But how can i get this with AXL? 
The same problems i has to get details from a single pattern, i was try this ( C# ) to get details of nr 4444:
var req = new GetTransPatternReq();
req.ItemsElementName = new ItemsChoiceType44[1];
req.ItemsElementName[0] = ItemsChoiceType44.pattern;
req.Items = new object[1];
req.Items[0] = "4444";
var resp = axl.getTransPattern(req);
but i get alway back the message
  " SoapExeption: Item not valid: The specified TransPattern was not found"
what i am doing wrong?
(as soon this is working, i also must be able to create and delete Transaction Patterns,
maybe somebody has a sample for this too))  

Thank in advance for helping Jürg             

Subject: RE: Translation patterns with AXL
Replied by: Josh Gross on 25-02-2013 12:16:28 AM
One of the required parameters for the getTransPattern request is the routePartitionName and it doesnt look to me like you are passing that into your function. I tested a raw request with the pattern and routePartitionName and it worked successfully. I also tried with just the pattern and it returned the same error that you posted. And if you are wanting to list all the translation patterns then the request would be the listTransPattern and in that instance you do not need to provide the routePartitionName you just provide the search string. For instance to search for any Translation Pattern starting with 9 you would search for 9% or to list all of them you could just do a % as your pattern to search for.
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