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Trouble Connecting Client using SASL

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Created by: Ryan Hunter on 22-06-2010 04:25:38 PM
I'm trying to use Jabberwerx on one server to connect to another server running Jabber. The server running Jabber is using https/ssl and the one using Jabberwerx is http. and I've set up the appropriate proxies using the deployment guide. I've tested the proxy and get the same "bad request" as I would by going to the /httpbinding url on the Jabber server.
The issue is when I run "client.connect" the callback function for error states that the "mechanism is too weak" and "You are not authorized to perform this action.". Any suggestions for solving or debugging this?
Exception during connection: <error><mechanism-too-weak xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"/></error>
EDIT: This issue appears to be related with setting up the jabberwerx javascript client using SASL. Are there any examples using this code to help out besides the brief documentation?

Subject: RE: Trouble Connecting Client using SASL
Replied by: Ratnadeep Ray on 22-06-2011 07:19:22 AM
Hi Ryan,

Can you please say which client your are trying to run? Is it sampleclient.html or any new application you are developing?

In the meantime can you please verify whether the demo_config variable has the variables correctly mentioned or not as below?

var demo_config = {
    domain: "",
    maxGraphAge: 5,
    unsecureAllowed: true,
    atSymbolAllowed: false,
    logPersistence: false

Please let me know whether it works or not.

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