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user guide/install guide

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Created by: null on 07-02-2005 07:07:20 PM
Posted for Strafford,

Currently there is no install guide for the 3.4/CVP. The Cisco document
"Cisco CVP VoiceXML 3.0 User Guide" (vxmlsusr.pdf), heading of "Audience"
mentions "for app developers installing Cisco CVP VoiceXML", but has no
info about that.

Also, that doc has some page headers with titles of "say it smart
specifications" (straight after TOC), and next three pages has page header
of "installation guide"!

Is there any 3.4 install guide and/or CVP install guide?

One of my main queries right now is starting the app server as a windows
service. Does the installer do it right, or do the steps mentioned in "3.3
Getting Started" still apply?

Subject: RE: user guide/install guide
Replied by: null on 07-02-2005 07:12:56 PM
I'm looking into why the install guide was not posted on the site where you got the documentation. I'll see if they can update that site or if I can send you the install guide.

Yes, here will probably be a few bugs in the documentation. Header inconsistencies tend to be one that happen a lot!

You can download the install guide for Audium 3.4 (from here: and it will be more relevant than the install guide for 3.3, though there were changes to the guide that Cisco made for CVP (mostly subtractive).

So the installer will properly set up Tomcat as a service, you do not need to run any special process to get it working like you had to do in Audium 3.3.

Subject: Update on Installation Guide
Replied by: null on 08-02-2005 04:07:16 PM
-----Original Message-----
From: Laurie Kubik (lkubik)
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 1:18 AM
To: Jason Tepper; 'Wolfeld,Jeff'; Strafford Walton
Cc: Elam Birnbaum;; 'Ron Cartier'
Subject: RE: AUS Training: CVP Documentation

Yeah...on CCO the install guide for CSA is there, but not the install guide for CVP VXML Server and Studio. Ron will have to take care of this tomorrow.

Jeff can access the following link:
\\bxb-filer02a\wg-c\ccbu-staging\Published\CVP 3.0 doc CD\CVP VoiceXML Server and Studio Here is another location which was Ron Cartier's staging area for the docs.
I see the install guide is there.
I just sametimed Jeff to make sure he has it immediately.

Laurie Kubik
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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