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Web Service return NULL in parameter throws error

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Created by: Nathan Galloway on 08-04-2010 08:29:00 PM
I am currently working with CVP 7.0(2) and using the web service element to call an external web service. 
The request parameter is account number.  The return parameters are fee and PIN.  In certain scenario's the web service will return NULL in the fee parameter along with a valid PIN.  This causes the element to exit through the error state and throw an exception in the log saying "The error is: NULL".  Meanwhile, I still need to retrieve the value that was returned in PIN and need the element to exit through the success leg.  In this scenario, I have control over whether the web service returns NULL or an actual value (0 in this case), but in many cases I do not.  Has anybody else run into this issue and/or found a fix?  To me this seems like a bug within the VXMLServer code.

Subject: RE: Web Service return NULL in parameter throws error
Replied by: Tieying Xuan on 21-04-2010 02:25:56 PM
The Call Studio built-in Web Server element provides limit support to Web Service. In your case, the returned value of Fee may be zero occurrence. It will cause the element internal error.
It's not bug, but feature gap. The built-in one doesn't support all Web Service request.
You'd better to custom your own Action element in Java. So that you can handle all exceptions by yourself.
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