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WebEx Integration in android application ... How to do ?

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Created by: Matthew J Denapoli on 22-06-2011 03:51:37 AM
I want to integrate webex into my android application....for which i am having the user CEC id by which i need to know the webex status of  the user ... Could you please someone provide the service and implementation details to achive this ? .... Also is there WebEx client application which i can install on Cius ? ... If the client application is available then what is the INTENT of that client application to invoke the same from another application ? ..... The post on the Cius Blog for implemention of WebEx is not that much clear about implementation.

Subject: RE: WebEx Integration in android application ... How to do ?
Replied by: James Catalano on 22-06-2011 12:20:38 PM
The Cius does have a built-in WebEx client. It can be launched by clicking on or sending an Intent with a WebEx meeting URL. If you could explain what you are trying to accomplish, I could maybe help point you in the right direction.

Subject: RE: WebEx Integration in android application ... How to do ?
Replied by: Matthew J Denapoli on 24-06-2011 02:26:03 AM
I am having list of user CEC ID's. I want to fetch only WebEx status of these users from there CEC ID's like "Available" ....."Away"...."In WebEx Meeting" .....etc....  As per the post given on Blog "XMPP and Presence" this is  the simple HTTP connection where you will pass the parameters bellow

port = 5222; service = ""; userName = CEC ID; password = CEC ID PWD; server = ???????

here i am stuck with the value of server variable what is it for CISCO WebEx Presence Server ? Will it happen with simple HTTP connection or i need to follow different approach for implementation of XMPP client which shows the status of passed CEC ID ?

Please Help.

Subject: RE: WebEx Integration in android application ... How to do ?
Replied by: David Staudt on 29-06-2011 04:49:13 PM
Webex Connect supports XMPP clients, please see this Cius blog post for some background and details on using the third party Smack XMPP client on Cius:
The 'server' variable referred to is the host/IP address of the Webex Connect server you want to work with.
Also available is a set of Ajax javascript libraries called CAXL which enable XMPP itnegration with Webex Connect from within a web-based application, for example in an Android WebView container.
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