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Created by: kirk moren on 05-02-2010 04:07:54 AM
We have an idle URL service that displays a branded company logo (png) that also displays the current weather conditions / temperature and the individuals next meeting / appointment listed in Exchange (using Exchange Managed API).    The soft keys are a "Schedule" button that shows all the individuals appointment for the day and "Weather" that shows radar and forecast information.   
For the next appointment and Schedule soft key that interact with Exchange, Exchange uses the individuals email address to target their Exchange information.   This email address needs to be a parameter (subscription) since email doesn't exist in the Call Manager (CM) database and their is no way to chain from IP / hostname / MAC address or any other information in CM to email in AD.  
The question is, can idle url be a subscription w/ parameters and if not, is there any other way we can configure a parameter for idle URL without a lot of manual configuration or complex setup scripting (set up services url with querystring parameter for each individual) when the phone is established?

Subject: RE: Idle URL Service with Subscription Parameter
Replied by: David Staudt on 01-07-2010 06:12:07 PM
You can specify the idle url with a parameter and value specified by the #DEVICENAME# macro - the phone should replace this when it makes the request:
Configured Idle URL:
when the phone makes the request:

Subject: RE: Idle URL Service with Subscription Parameter
Replied by: Chandan Agrawal on 01-07-2010 11:57:44 AM
Did you find any answer to this question? I am myself looking for the answer to this as I would llike to send the device name in the idle url but dont know how?

Subject: RE: Idle URL Service with Subscription Parameter
Replied by: kirk moren on 01-07-2010 04:42:43 PM
#DEVICENAME# is built into the Cisco Services SDK.  The phone's client will replace this placeholder when attached to a query string to provide the phone's device name.   This value can then be collected by the Idle URL.   This may work.
If the above doesn't work, if it was a normal service, you could have CM (call manager) configure it as a user selected service with a required parameter for device name.  This way, a user could search for services to add and when the service was selected by the user, they would have to fill out the required parameter.     If you want more than device name, such as email, you'll need to get the device name as a lookup key and then do a search in CM or your company directory to find the associated information.   This may be what we do in the future but in the interim, when a phone is provisioned by our CM administrator, the CM admin configures their Idle URL with a querystring parameter that for us contains their email address but could also be their device name. 
What we were doing was a POC and I've since moved off this project so the suggestions above aren't definitive but perhaps they may hep.

Subject: RE: Idle URL Service with Subscription Parameter
Replied by: Ibrahim Sayeed on 24-10-2010 09:59:03 AM
I would want to get the same idle url service. Could you pls. provide me the code?

Subject: RE: Idle URL Service with Subscription Parameter
Replied by: kirk moren on 25-10-2010 09:03:44 PM
Here is the c# code base (not using code behind or common best practices since it was a quick proof of concept) to enable an idle url service that integrates with weather and exchange appointments.   As a note, you'll need an Exchange account that can impersonate others based on their email address.  When configuring this idle URL for users, the administrator appends their email name to the idle service URL.   If this wasn't a POC, it would be advisable to use the DEVICENAME approach above and find their email address based on a call manager lookup.
Attached is the POC code base. 

it seems that the #DEVICENAME# value doesn't work for 9951's. Can someone confirm that this is a bug?

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