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Core Issue

This issue occurs in Cisco Unity 4.0.3.

After a call handler is configured who accepts caller input, with attempt transfers to subscribers, the call is not transfered to subscribers on caller input, and instead Cisco Unity instead generates an error in Event Viewer.  The cannot complete your call as dialled error message is the annunciator announcement.

This is the erorr message in the application log:

The description for Event ID ( 504 ) in Source ( CiscoUnity_PHGreeting ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have  the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: IAvDohMailUser::get_PrimaryMailbox, 0x8004010f, 6059, e:\views\Unity4.0.2.122\un_Conv2 \AvConvPhoneHandler\AvConvPHGreetingSvr\AvSPlayGreeting.cpp, For more information please click on

The issue is addressed in Cisco bug ID CSCed75076.

The problem occurs when the FullMailbox feature is enabled on Cisco Unity.

This is the registry key:

HK_LocalMachine\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Conversations\1.0\Greetings\. The key name is "FullSubMBoxChkForOutsideCaller".

If the key is set to 1 then this feature is enabled. This feature is disabled by default, and the key is missing by default.


The defect is resolved in Cisco Unity 4.0(4).

If you do not wish to upgrade, the workaround provided is to check and modify this registry in the Cisco Unity server:

\\HKLM\Software\Active Voice\Conversations\1.0\Greetings\FullSubMBoxChkForOutsideCaller

Set this key value to 0 in order to give a workaround to the problem, but upgrade to the latest Cisco Unity release in order to fix the problem.

This document applies to Unity 4.x

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