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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Through this video, I'll show you how to upgrade a CUCM/CUPS 8.6 to CUCM/IM&P 11.0

This video is no replacement for reading the documentation on the upgrade, and also the Release Notes for the product. This is only meant to be a visual guide of how the procedure will look like, so you can have a reference for the time when you do this.

All the related documentation, can be found here:



The 3 documents you NEED to read, are:
A) Compatibility matrix
B) Upgrade guide
C) Release Notes

Those will contain ALL the information you would need

One additional consideration, in case you have EM, you need to stop/disable the service prior to the upgrade, this requirement has been removed in the new releases, but, you still need to do it for this scenario, or if using previous version.

I have a whole section in my FAQ dedicated to upgrades:

There are other COP files you might have heard about:
This one is ONLY required if upgrading from version 8.5(x), or earlier, to version 8.6(2), or later. Not applicable for this scenario.

This one is only used if you want to remove files from the common space partition, the CAVEAT, is that by running this file, you lose the ability to switch back to the previous CUCM release.


Any questions, comment, etc. you can reach me at


Amazing document almost everything is cover for up gradation no I have question regarding  ordering part numbers there is lot of confusion there my environment is



Current Version 8.62 want to migrate 11.x

I need exact ordering part numbers actually I don't have PUT access in my contract so I have to do manually  

Kindly comment partner number needed for all three application(CUCM.CUC,IMP)

See below what I understand is for cucm  but issue is that there is option only for UCL (UPG-CUCM-ENHP-A) licenses can we upgrade all existing license to CUWL Standard.

Part Number Description
UCL-UCM-UPG-K9 Top Level Sku For 11.X and Later User License - Migration
CON-SESV-UCLUCMUG SC SWSS UPGRADES Top Level Sku For 11.X and Later User Li
CUCM-VERS-11.0 CUCM Software version 11.0
UC-8.X UC 8.X Version Migration
DBUPGRADE Royalty option for IBM database upgrade
LIC-CUCM-9X-ENHP UC Manager Enhanced Plus 9.x License
UPG-CUCM-ENHP-A Upgrade to UCM 9/10/11 Enh Plus from v8.x or earlier - < 1K

Kindly Share CCW ordering part number. License count Utility report has been attached .Thanks

Thanks Jaime. Excellent upgrade guide.

Thanks Jaime

One question:

I run CUCM cluster (8.6.2) with 1 Pub 2 MOH 2 TFTP and 8 SUBs

can we initiate the upgrade procedure on all nodes pretty much at same time ?

Or Every node should be done in sequential/linear manner (one at a time) ?

because you mentioned your call manager took about 3 hrs to fully upgrade with my cluster size if I have to one node at a time then I am looking at one and half day but if all nodes can run upgrade procedure in parallel it would be very efficient for us

Also, what would you in general recommend for such big upgrades, is it ok to simply upgrade your 8.6.2 call manager to 11.x version or building a new VM/new cluster in parallel is advisable ? I understand lot of this depends on my environment and other factors and doing in place vs. parallel upgrade does have their pros vs cons in regards to ability to test and roll back etc. because with in place upgrade we would have to reboot all nodes to switch to version 8.6.2 that's in itself 2-3 hour task which isn't really any customer would want roll back scenarios should be much faster etc. but anyway let me know your thoughts and if you can please answer my question of how to approach this upgrade in big cluster all nodes at same time or one at a time ?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Read the new 11.5 upgrade guide, it now contains the methods in which you do it in the least time, but the greater service outage Vs. the least service disruption, but most time.

The upgrade guide has been updated a lot since I made the video.

There approach will depend on how YOU want to do this, there is no best practice.

Either one will get you there, if you want to play it safely, and have enough resources, do all in the lab, and then replace the production servers.

Or you can do the in-place upgrade and use rollback as the backup plan.

As you mention, there are many variables to choose which is best for your scenario.

Lab is safer, but takes a lot more time and effort to build, then upgrade.

Anil Sharma

Thanks for excellent video Jaime.

Few questions: I see after upgrade your CUCM still shows disk 1: 80GB & Disk 2: 110 GB. Is that correct ? Shouldn't it show just one disk with 110 GB ?

Second, can you advise what happens to CUP users which are enabled for CUP in version 8.6.
After upgrade to 11.0 are users already enabled for IM&P & does the upgrade procedure also creates a UC service & UC service Profile and assigns it to users who were enabled for presence earlier ?

Thanks for your response.  

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, I used an OVA with 2 x 80 GB HDDs for the purpose of showing how to increase the disk size from 8.6 in the video. How to adjust the vRAM and vCPU are far easier.

Yes, the upgrade procedure creates the basic UC Services and Service profile with the info it can translate from 8.6, you'd still need to fine tune your settings. Your users will still be enabled for IM&P once you upgrade.


Hey Jaime,

This is amazing! You have covered almost everything.

I have one question and one request.

Do we need to upgrade phone firmware as well after the installation.

And you have mentioned that a lot of things has been changed in the up-gradation process. Could you please highlight those major changes or do you have plans to make new video.

Thanks, Mukhtar

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The upgraded version will have new FW, it's actually recommended that you upgrade the FW BEFORE the upgrade to have control over it, and not all the devices trying to upgrade once you're in the new version.

You need to review the whole new upgrade guide, no way around that, they've added a lot of new content that has to be thoroughly reviewed. I *might* make a new video for 12.0, but that is not certain as I have a lot other things in the pipeline.


Thanks, Jaime.


Hi Jaime,

I have done a CCW config in May for a customer upgrade and used the top level SKU UCL-UCM-UPG-K9.  I saw that DBUPGRADE - Royalty option for IBM database upgrade is included automatically.  Recently, I tried to modify the same config and this time, DBUPGRADE part number is not included.  I cannot add it as there are no options.  Customer is questioning as on this.  Do you have idea on why is this removed and what is the use of this part number.  Thanks in advance.

- Abdul Majeed.

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