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After SRST failover and router reload, incoming calls and outgoing calls fail with a re-order tone through the Cisco IOS MGCP gateway (PRI). The 0x80A9 - Temporary failure error message is displayed after the user issues the debug mgcp packets command


Core Issue

This symptom is observed when Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) PRI backhaul is configured on a Cisco 2800  series router that is configured with PVDM2 Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Calls fail only after the router is reloaded. The symptom may also occur on a Cisco 3800 series that functions in the same configuration.


To resolve this issue, issue this sequence of commands:

  1. Issue the ccm-manager config server ip-address command followed  by the ccm-manager config command.
  2. Issue the shutdown command on the voice port or on the T1 controller.
  3. Issue the no mgcp command followed by the mgcp command.
  4. Issue the no ccm-manager config command followed by the ccm-manager config command, assuming that you have the TFTP server defined.
  5. After you reload the router, issue the write erase command, add the configuration, and save the configuration.

This problem can also be resolved by upgrading or downgrading the Cisco IOS  version    to one of these:

  • 12.3(11)T06
  • 12.4(01a)
  • 012.004(001.009)

For the appropriate version, refer to Cisco IOS Software.

This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCeg89017.

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