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Attendant Console - Call Control Delayed



    Problem Description : AC client takes a very long time for call control to  come up. This is usually seen over WAN links.


    Symptoms : CUCM Version : Any AC Client : Any Number of Call Parks - Huge  Number Call Park Range 1xx means 100 Call Park Numbers


    While querying CTI for the Monitored DNs, CTI responds with 100 DNs at a  time, thus there are Z such request/responses, where Z = Total Number Of Call  Park/100. After that we have about Zx100 LineOpenRequests. This operation is  taking up the time. Unless all the parked lines are opened, call control cannot  come up. Depending on network connectivity this time can vary. If you are on the  LAN then it will take lesser time than if you were over a WAN.


    This is the way how AC is designed. The design logic behind AC client to  monitor all the parked lines before call control can come up is considering the  fact that an attendant who is already logged in has parked a call and when a new  attendant logs in, as soon as its call control comes up, the parked call can be  shown in the park window of the newly logged in attendant.