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Error "Access to the requested resource has been denied" when trying to add/modify a device in CUCM Admin Page



With CUCM 6.1, when trying to add a new device or modify an existing device using CUCM Admin Page, the following error message is received

Access to the requested resource has been denied.

The attempted action was a violation of security protocols and will not be allowed.

Please try another action


1.   The issue can occur if any of the text field on the Add End User Page contains the string HREF. Adding/modifying a user with letters HREF in name triggers the error. The string "HREF" denotes an HTML attribute specifying the location of a Web resource. This is a string that is not allowed due to security protocols. The issue is documented by Cisco Bug ID CSCsu99802.  To solve the issue, try not to use HREF within the string of the username or devicename being added.

2.    If you get this error when trying to add a clause to the route filter, make sure that you are understand the restrictions when using route filters:

  • Use route filters only with the @ route pattern to reduce the number of route patterns created by the @ wildcard. A route filter applied to a pattern not containing the @ wildcard has no effect on the resulting dial plan.
  • The logical expression you enter with the route filter can be up to 1024 characters, excluding the NOT-SELECTED fields.
  • As you increase the number of logical clauses in a route filter, the refresh time of the configuration page also increases and can become unacceptably long.
  • For large-scale deployments, use explicit route patterns rather than the @ wildcard and route filters. This practice also facilitates management and troubleshooting because all patterns configured in Unified CM are easily visible from the Route Pattern configuration page.

3.    Restart the RIS Data Collector and Cisco Database Layer Monitor Services.

4.    This error message can also occur when the extension already exists on the device and you try to add it again. Make sure that the extension does not exists already. Also make sure that you do not have an already existing translation pattern on the system for the DN you are trying to add.


I know this is an old post, but I've come across this problem in CUCM running Rather than getting the error on the device, it is on the Directory Number Information page. I can change any field except for the Alerting Name and Line Text Label fields. There is only one DN and one phone associated to that DN. The DN is not on any other devices.

It seems that when the DN was associated to a device, I got the same issue/error. Like it inherited the issue from the directory number. Any ideas as to why this is happening? And are there any solutions or fixes for this problem?

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