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Facebook messenger integration with Social Miner (SM) and Customer Collaboration Platform (CCP) Callback URL HTTPS


Hello guys,

As I have read the Facebook messenger could integrate with UCCX to handle chat as webchat support,. there is a webhook on Facebook that instructed us to write the CCP URL with HTTPS as a Callback URL after writing the tokens from UCCX to FB and from FB to UCCX in order to integrate with Facebook should talk HTTPS for security purposes.

I need support for publishing the UC application SocialMiner which is CCP "new version 12.5 of SM" and

now I need to make the URL secure from HTTP to HTTPS

currently, I'm able to browse the URL like but the browser warning me it's risky to enter the website and I have to accept the risk in order to continue browsing as all we do,.

I have already walked through long searching and the result is I should get the CSR from the certificate management Tomcat from OS administration then I have to go to public CA like Godaddy and sign this CSR then back to CCP and upload the signed certificates to tomcat and tomcat-trust.

1-question one the signed certificates should be .pem only or the server accept the .crt?

2-how to publish CCP in https 

3-Is there are free websites to sign our CSR as a public certificate in order to upload it to CCP and access it HTTPS?

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