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How to configure a bridge to send a message from Cisco Unity 4.x to Octel distribution lists



Cisco Unity requires that messages from the bridge be addressed to subscribers only, and not to distribution lists. Therefore, Octel subscribers cannot address messages to Cisco Unity distribution lists.

This is true in the other direction as well. Octel analog networking does not allow subscribers to address messages to a distribution list that was created on remote Octel nodes. Therefore, Cisco Unity subscribers cannot address messages to Octel distribution lists.

However, you can mitigate this situation as follows:

  1. Add bridge subscribers to private or public distribution lists on Cisco Unity.

  2. Add blind addresses to private lists.

  3. Add the remote addresses of Cisco Unity subscribers to Octel distribution lists.

    Note: These addresses do not have to already exist in the NameNet directory.

Tip: You can set up a Cisco Unity subscriber account whose sole purpose is to forward messages from the bridge to a Cisco Unity distribution list. Messages from Octel subscribers that the bridge sends to Cisco Unity have "Unity Bridge Message" in the subject line. By using the Outlook Rules wizard, you can have any message that this subscriber mailbox receives, with the subject line "Unity Bridge Message", forwarded to a Cisco Unity distribution list. With this approach, Octel subscribers can address messages to the special subscriber, and have the messages forwarded to the Cisco Unity distribution list. Refer to your Exchange and Outlook documentation for additional information on automatically forwarding messages.

For more information, refer to the Distribution Lists section of  About Bridge Networking.

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