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How to configure a call handler if a wrong key or invalid input is entered


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This is the procedure to replay the same call handler in case of invalid input:

  1. Open Tools Depot > Administration Tools > Advanced Settings Tool.

  2. Select Administration - Expose the error greeting for subscribers on the SA from the left pane under Unity Settings.

  3. Set the registry key value for this field to 1 from the New Value dropdown box.

    Note: The error greeting is what dictates where callers are routed when an invalid entry is made while in a call handler or subscriber greeting. By default, callers are played a prompt that says, "I'm sorry, I did not hear that selection." Then, they are routed back to the opening greeting call handler. Sometimes this is not desirable behavior, so the error greeting can be exposed and adjusted as any other greeting in the system. By default, the error greeting is not exposed in the SA interface.

  4. Open the SA web page again.

  5. Go to the call handler being configured or that is already configured.

  6. Select Greetings from the dropdown menu and select Error.

    By default, it goes to the Auto Attendant call handler.

    Note: If the error greeting does not appear, try to reboot the server as a first step.

  7. Instead of the Auto Attendant call handler, select the same call handler that is being configured. This way, the greeting on the call handler is replayed.

For more information on the above procedure, refer to Unity Voicemail: Repeat the Same Greeting when an Invalid Key is Pressed.

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