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How to configure MGCP PRI and Gateway on CUCM 10.x ?




    This document explains how to configure the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) PRI and Gateway integration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)10.x


    MGCP Gateway Configuration on CUCM 10.x

    Follow these steps to add an MGCP gateway to CUCM:

     Add a MGCP Gateway to CUCM

    Step1: In CUCM 10.x Administration, Choose Device > Gateway.

    Step2: Click the Add New button.

    Step3: Choose the Appropriate MGCP gateway by gateway or router name

    [ Gateway Type * - Cisco IAD2400/Cisco 1751/Cisco 1760/Cisco 1861/Cisco 269x/Cisco 26xx/Cisco 2801/Cisco 2811/Cisco 2821/Cisco 2821/Cisco 2851/Cisco 2901/Cisco 2811/Cisco 2821/Cisco 2851/Cisco 2901/Cisco 2911/Cisco 2921/Cisco 2951/Cisco 362x/Cisco 364x/Cisco 366x/Cisco 3725/Cisco 3745 etc)

    Say in this case, Gateway Type: Cisco 2811

    Step4: Click Next.

    Step5: Choose MGCP from the protocol drop-down menu and click Next


    Cisco IOS Command “Show diagnostic” will display the voice modules and voice interface cards (VIC) with which the gateway is equipped.

    Step6: On the Gateway Configuration page, use the following

    Domain name: Site-1

    Cisco Unified CM Group: Default

    Module in slot 0: NM-4VWIC-MBRD


    Step7: Click Save

    Sep8: Select VWIC2-2MFT-T1E1- T1 for the subunit 0

    Step9: Click Save



    Step10: Click the Module icon next to subunit0 filed for port 0/0/1

    Step11: Select Digital Access PRI for device protocol

    Step12: Click Next

    Step13: On Gateway configuration page, configure


    Device pool: Santaclara

    Protocol type: PRI-NI2

    Channel Selection: Top Down

    Leave other parameters Default


    Step14: Click Save and Apply



    Configure the MGCP PRI on Voice Gateway

    Open a telnet session to the router at “Site-1” using putty

    Configuring MGCP PRI

    Router# configure terminal

    Router(config)# isdn switch-type primary-ni command

    Router(config)# network-clock-participate wic 0


    Enter the controller configuration with


    # Controller t1 0/0/1

    framing esf

    linecode b8zs

    pri-group timeslots 1-24 service mgcp


    Enter # no shutdown

    # exit  to leave the controller configuration


    Enter # mgcp to start mgcp process


    ccm-manager mgcp

    ccm-manager config server

    ccm-manager config

    Enter # exit to leave configuration mode

    # write




    1. Go to CUCM administration page, select Device > Gateway and Click Find to see the list of MGCP gateways
    2. Check the Registration status of the MGCP Endpoints and now it has to be registered
    3. # show mgcp and show mgcp endpint – can be used to verify the MGCP Gateway communication with Communications Manager.
    4. MGCP Gateway downloads its configuration from CUCM and T1 interface will come up and get registered with CUCM.


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