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How to configure VAD commands in IOS Software





    This document describes the commands of VAD.




    These are the Voice Activity Detection (VAD) related Cisco IOS  Software commands:-




    These are the three locations where VAD-related commands are configured:


    • On the dial peer: The vad command must be enabled. VAD is on by default. Issue the no vad command to disable it. For calls coming into the router from the packet network, the router matches an outbound Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) dial peer to terminate the call. In addition, the router matches an inbound voice network dial peer for features such as codec, VAD and QoS.
    • Globally: The voice vad-time command is defined as the time that the transmitting side continues to send packets after the silence has been detected. This command is useful in tuning comfort noise transitions when VAD activates.
    • On the voice port: The comfort-noise and music-threshold commands background and configuration details are available by referring to the Voice Activity Detection Commands Related to Voice-Port Configuration Mode section of Configuring Voice Ports.


    To disable VAD, perform these steps:


     For Cisco IOS H.323 gateways:-

            1. Confirm that the correct dial peer is being matched.
            2. Issue the no vad command under the VoIP dial peer.

    For Cisco CallManager and CallManager controlled gateways (Skinny and Media Gateway Control Protocol [MGCP]):

            1. Select Service > Service Parameter > Select server > Cisco CallManager.
            2. Set these parameters to FALSE:
                   o SilenceSuppressionSystemWide
                   o SilenceSuppressionWithGateways



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