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Mapping between CMM ports and Switch ports


Below is the mapping between the CMM (Cisco Communication Media Module) ports (specifically for ACT submodule) and the switch side ports:

****CMM Media Module****
CMM port       Switch port            Media card             
Gig1/0         GigX/1
Fast0/0        FastX/2                1
Fast1/0        FastX/3                2
Fast2/0        FastX/4                3
Fast3/0        FastX/5                4
where X is the slot in the Cat6

For one-way or no-way audio issues for Conferencing or Transcoding resources on the CMM it is always essential to verify that the VLANs are configured properly on the CMM side and the Cat 6k switch side. A quick test is to ping from a PC in the same subnet as the IP Phone in question to the CMM's Fast Ethernet IP address.

Also, as per the document,

the CMM is End-of-Sale and approaching End of SW Maintenance (June 15, 2010). The IOS 12.4(15)T branch is the last version which supports the CMM.

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