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Walkthrough Wednesdays

"How to Migrate Legacy Phone Systems" Workshop Replay


Read below to understand what this workshop covers, and if it can benefit you. While the live event has passed, you can watch the replay here (opens in same window).

And don't forget to check out the Q&A document from the live event.


Cisco  is pleased to offer a live webcast, How to Migrate to Unified Communications  from Legacy Phone Systems, that will focus on the design, planning, and  execution best practices required to enable you to move your organization to  a Cisco® Unified Communications Solution. Cisco Unified Communications enable  collaboration so that organizations can quickly adapt to market changes while  increasing productivity, improving competitive advantage through speed and  innovation, and delivering a rich-media experience across any workspace,  securely and with optimal quality.

By implementing these solutions, you will unify communications among  co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers so they can collaborate more  effectively. Using presence technology, they will know when someone is  available and the preferred way of contacting them. Coupled with instant  messaging, video, audio, and online data collaboration, your users will  receive a rich-media collaboration experience. You will be able to integrate  unified communications into business applications to transform business  processes and increase customer satisfaction . With interoperability of  applications with vendors such as IBM and Microsoft, your employees will be  able to collaborate in real time using their favorite tools and applications.  It’s more than just moving from one call processing product to another --  it’s about taking the first step to open up your world to collaboration and  business productivity.

Targeted for PBX and key system technicians, this session will review the  similarities and differences between the legacy phone systems and Cisco  Unified Communications. We will share proven design, planning, and execution  best practices for migrating at your own pace from traditional PBX  environments to Cisco Unified Communications. We’ll discuss how to smoothly  migrate, outlining factors which will influence a successful migration, and  under what circumstances you may wish to complete a “flash cut”.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. EDT

Bob Close, Technical Marketing Engineer, Enterprise Voice Systems Architecture
Marquis Harper, Advanced Services Network Consulting Engineer, IP Communications Delivery