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Unable to run the "snmpwalk" command to verify whether the SNMP MIBs present for the SNMPwalk tool to work are correct. The End of MIB output error is received


Core Issue

In this case, the Dynamicsoft (DS) MIB agents must be installed on the server.

When the snmpwalk command is run to the DS-Application SNMP port (1610) in one of the DS Hosts, the End of MIB output is generated.


In order for the SNMPwalk tool to work, the correct permission must be set on the default.acl file under the directory of a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server.

One of the ways to insert the IP address range without disrupting the server is to edit the Access Control List (ACL) file with a trusted subnet mask:

Valid Manager values can be:

  • #  - hostname: hubble
  • #  - ip address: 123.456.789.12
  • #  - subnet mask: 123!255!255!255  (its an IPO address where "." are replaced by "!")

A subnet mask can be used instead of IP addresses, which allows for the use of the SNMPwalk tool from this machine for a range of IP addresses.

In order to force the SIP server to read these changes, un-set the SNMP command from the Command Line Interface (CLI), and then re-add it.

These are the steps that help to do that:

/dsedge-popBep1>context snmp  
/dsedge-popBep1[snmp]>view snmp 
snmp  -p 1610 -h popBep1 -t 162 -a default.acl
/dsedge-popBep1[snmp]>no snmp  -p 1610 -h popBep1 -t 162 -a default.acl
Configuration successful.

/dsedge-popBep1[snmp]>snmp  -p 1610 -h popBep1 -t 162 -a default.acl
Configuration successful.
snmp  -p 1610 -h popBep1 -t 162 -a default.acl
Connection closed by foreign host.

If this does not work, restart the SIP server manually.

These are some examples of SNMPwalk commands:

snmpwalk -v 1 -c L1m1ted2 10.87.XX.XX:1610 .
snmpwalk -v1 -c public 10.87.XX.XX:1610 enterprises.8334

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