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Unity Connection - Direct Transfer to VM using asterisk + user extension


Mostly used by receptionists when it's needed to transfer a caller into a user voicemail box directly, transfer goes by dialing an asterisk and extension to drop the caller directly into the voice mail box that is associated with that extension in Unity Connection.



A new voice mail profile must be created. The profile has been named "TransferToVM" in order to distinguish it from the voice mail profile that is associated with user phones.

The voice mail pilot should be set to the currently configured pilot number. The voice mail box mask is assigned the wildcard XXXX to match a Four-digit dialing plan. Whatever the dialing plan, this wildcard matches the dialed digits starting from the right. Anything that precedes the digits that are matched by the mask is stripped.

voice mail profile

Caution: Do not make this the default voice mail profile for the system.


Create a new CTI route point.  

The example in this section shows one named TransferToVM. This device is configured just like any other with a device pool, calling search space, and location.

This is a CTI route point that will never be registered by any CTI application, and it should not be associated to any users in the directory.


The configuration on the CTI route point line makes this all possible. In this example, the Directory Number is set to *XXXX.  

 Choose the voice mail profile that you created in step 1 (the "TransferToVM") for the Voice Mail Profile field, and select Forward All to voice mail under Call Forward and Pickup Settings.



You are ready to go!  

Transfer to any pattern that match *XXXX will hit this CTI Route Point, the Voicemail Box mask as "XXXX" will allow only the 4 digit extension to be routed so Unity Connection will receive the call as a forwarded call to that extension, sending the caller directly to the user mailbox to leave a new voicemail.

Best Regards,

Luis Gomez

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