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Using BAT, how to migrate existing user device profiles created for users who use Cisco 7960 IP phones to use Cisco 7970 IP phones



Complete these steps in order to migrate the device profiles from the 7960 IP phone to the 7970 IP phone.

  1. Access the Bulk Administration Tool (BAT) and choose Configure > User Device Profiles (UDP).

  2. Click Export and name the file.

  3. Choose All User Device Profile Details, select the phone type, and click Export. The file is then placed in the C:\BatFiles\Export\User Device Profiles directory.

  4. Make the small changes to the user device profile that points to CP-7960.

  5. Once completed, place the new file in the C:\BatFiles\User Device Profiles directory.

  6. Go to the BAT tool and choose Configure > User Device Profiles (UDP).

  7. Choose Insert User Device Profiles and scroll down for your file at File Name*.

  8. Choose All Details, scroll down for the CP-7970, and click Insert.

Once the operation is completed and verified, you can delete all previous 7960 user device profiles.

For related information, refer to: Cisco CallManager Bulk Administration Guide 5.0(1)

CallManager Versions

CallManager 3.x, CallManager 4.x

IP Phone Models

7970G, 7940G, 7960 series

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