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Why Pay Attention to Staff


Take the time and pay attention to how well your staff is performing normal, routine duties on the Cisco Unity solution. Their inabilities can cause extreme frustration in the subscriber community and lead to political headaches.

Look for gaps in knowledge that can be resolved by training. For example:

How well are they peforming basic moves, adds and changes?
Do they keep running into the same challenges over and over again?
How well is the team able to troubleshoot Cisco Unity?
Do the same problems keep happing without resolution? Some examples would be:

a) failover events
b) crashes
c) delays
d) breakdowns in what should be normal conversation flows

Do your TAC cases progress with normal speed?
Are you comfortable gathering data when required?
Is Cisco constantly waiting on you to supply data?
Is your team consistantly supplying the wrong data?

Not being able to restore your Unity solution in the event of a catastrophic failure will lead to prolonged outages and loss of critical data.

Are you performing proper backups?
Have you documented and tested your restore procedures?

Finally, how well is Cisco Unity peforming in your network? Are changes made by other departments and teams having a negative impact on Cisco Unity? If so, you may need to re-evaluate your change management process.

Recognize Your Peers
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