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Cisco Community Events

Cisco Community hosts a variety of events to help our Cisco customers, partners and technology enthusiasts learn about Cisco Solutions, technologies, and products. Some events are available publicly to all users while other are restricted.

How to participate or attend an event

If you want to attend an event you can select an upcoming event from Cisco Community Events Page. When you click on the event link you want to attend, there is a registration button. You click in the registration button, fill out the requested information and submit.

How to volunteer to host an event

We welcome our community members to share their knowledge and technical expertise by hosting events in the community. If you are interested in hosting an event please let us know by filling this form.

You can access the events by going to the Cisco Community Events Page where you can see the ongoing, upcoming, and past events. 

We have events in the seven languages available in Cisco Community. 

Events Descriptions

These are some of the events we have

Community Live Events:

These are live online webinars  where a experts present a technical topic, usually do a live demo, and attendees can ask questions live. Typically they are 90 minutes long. in this events you have an opportunity to get most up-to-date information on Cisco products and technologies, learn how to configure or troubleshoot issue and ask questions to experts related to the topic. Most of these events are public. To participate in these events, you need to register. We have Community Live events all seven languages.

Ask Me Anything Events (AMA)

This event is a Discussion Thread where assigned experts commits to reply all question on a daily basis during two weeks. 

•Program that allows community members to ask questions online to top Experts. They way it works is that you can post your question directly on the AMA discussion thread and the experts will answer within a business working day. There is no need to register to these events. All you need is to be a community member. To become a community member just login with your account. We have Community Live events all seven languages.

Meet the Authors:

These events are 60 minutes live online webinars hosted by Cisco Press Authors. During these events you have an opportunity to learn about Cisco Press Authors' experiences writing the book and discuss a technical topic contained in the book. We typically raffle a couple of signed books during the event. You need to register in order to attend the event. The events are public. These events are only in English.

Support Talks

Support Talks features a set of series with different sessions. Each series in the program guides you through tools, technologies and solutions designed to help you reduce the time and resources needed to optimize your Cisco solutions and to troubleshoot your product issues. These webinars are 60-minutes long. You need to register to attend. These events are only in English.

Customer Connection Online Briefings (CCP Briefings)

These are events hosted in Customer Connection. They are live online webinars hosted CCP Program where Cisco product managers, technical marketing engineers and/or solution architects provide information about technical product, solution and roadmap topics. To be able to participate you need to be a member or Customer Connection Program and sign an NDA.  These events are only in English.

#CiscoChat Live

These events are 60 minutes live online webinars hosted by Cisco experts where they discuss technology topics. These are broadcasted on, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live Video, Facebook Live (multiple pages), Twitter (multiple channels), and Cisco Community.

Getting Started

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