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What is the Events Top Contributors Program?
The Events Top Contributor Program recognizes experts in the Cisco Community that host technical events. With this program, Cisco recognizes the positive, valuable influence that our top experts exert on the community.

What are the different types of Cisco Community Events?
Cisco Community hosts several events. Some are live online webinars such as Community Live, Meet the Authors, Support Talks or Customer Connection Briefings, while others are online discussions such as Ask me Anything Events. Here you can find a description of our Cisco Community Events.

Who is eligible to be an Events Top Contributor?
In order for experts who actively participate in the community and perform technical events to qualify for consideration, you must be an active participant in hosting events in the community, and maintain a professional attitude in the community that makes you credible and accessible to the community. You must also be at least 18 years of age.

This program is intended to recognize Cisco customers, partners, technology enthusiasts, and other community members who contribute in the Cisco Community with hosting events and are active members of the community. Cisco employees are not included for this nomination. Cisco reserves the final right to select or remove Events Top Contributor status for an individual.

Who are the Events Top Contributors?
You can find the list of the Events Top Contributors here.

How can I become an Events Top Contributor in the Cisco Community?
Cisco Community is continually looking for experts that can share their knowledge and expertise through events. The more you volunteer to host events in the community, the higher opportunities to be selected for an event. Cisco Community managers select the Cisco Events Top Contributors each year on the Cisco Community. The panel reviews community events done from the previous 12 months, as well as content posted in the community. The nominees are then evaluated on technical knowledge, community influence, leadership, and the quantity and quality of the contributions in events and content (responses to questions, documents, videos and blogs.) We have intentionally set a high bar for this reward.  However, Cisco and the Cisco Community reserve the right to subjectively consider different levels of contribution for certain technologies and languages.

I would like to host an event in Cisco Community, how can I volunteer?
First of all, thank you for your interest in sharing your knowledge in a Cisco Community Event. Please fill out this form to let us know 

How long does the Cisco Events Top Contributor last?
Once selected, the award is yours to keep and display while you are active on the communities. Benefits last for one year. Members must qualify each year to retain their status and benefits.

What are the benefits of being an Events Top Contributor?
Events Top Contributors will have an "icon" Events_Top_Contributor_Community_badge_30x30_blog2.gif placed next to their username on the community to recognize their achievement.  In addition, any Events Top Contributor awardee may add the badge in their social media channels. The badge will indicate their status and display the type of achievement (for events and content.)  In addition to this public recognition, Top Events Contributors are recognized by external members of the community. As the program evolves, Events Top Contributors winners may see additional benefits.

What the Top Events Contribution icon means?
The Events Top Contributor icon Events_Top_Contributor_Community_badge_30x30_blog2.gif recognizes experts that volunteered and performed a good number of high quality events in a calendar year as well as having an active participation in the community. Events include Community Live Webinars, Ask Me Anything, Support Talks, Meet the Authors, and other events in the future that we might launch

When are Events Top Contributors designations awarded?
Nominees are reviewed in February and awards are given out in March of each year. Cisco reserves the right to induct experts at other times as deemed necessary.

What does Cisco expect from its Events Top Contributor Awardees?
We only ask that you continue to be a positive influence in the community and represent Cisco with the highest level of standards. This is our way of acknowledging and rewarding your achievements, not asking for more.  As with all community members, awardees must adhere to the Community acceptable use policy. 

How do I volunteer for an event?
You can volunteer for an event by sending an email to We have a calendar of events that happen on specific dates and they will be happy to fit you in the calendar as we see it fits.

What topics are appropriate for an event?
The purpose of the events is to present to our customers and partners ideas, troubleshooting and configuration tips, overviews of new products and in- depth technical topics related to Cisco products, technologies, and solution. We do an event topic analysis to determine the topics needed in the community.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Events Top Contributors Program?
If you have any questions or comments regarding this program, please contact us at

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