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Gila wallboard

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Level 1

I am using

gila-wallboard.  I wondering if anyone has an example of a script that displays one queue stats instead of all the queues stats.  Thanks.

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Level 3

You jsut need to modify the wallboard.asp file, and adjust the database SELECT statements.

Your exact version may vary, but here's what I did (red bold text was added to the original source)...

strsql = "SELECT CSQName, loggedInAgents, availableAgents, callsWaiting, callsHandled, totalCalls, callsAbandoned, convoldestContact, convLongestWaitDuration, endDateTime FROM RtCSQsSummary where (CSQName = 'MyCSQname') ORDER BY CSQName"

Note that there's multiple SELECT statements, one for each wallboard page.

Hi Thomas,

I can use that code for a single CSQ. However I cannot seem to modify the syntax for multiple queues. I just want to have the wallboard display 3 out of the 10 queues. I want to filter based on department.

Do you have the syntax to filter on two or more queues?

You can just use OR statements.

strsql = "SELECT CSQName, loggedInAgents, availableAgents, callsWaiting,  callsHandled, totalCalls, callsAbandoned, convoldestContact,  convLongestWaitDuration, endDateTime FROM RtCSQsSummary where (CSQName = 'MyCSQ1') or (CSQName = 'MyCSQ2') or (CSQName = 'MyCSQ3') ORDER BY CSQName"

Thanks Thomas.

That worked great. However I changed my version of Wallboard to 2.5. I was getting prompted to login to the web page everytime I launched it via the browser for the GilaWallboard version. When I switched to V2.5, I never got prompted for login credentials.

I just have another question.

I have numerous queues. The "Agent Status" will show the same agent multiple times because of being a resource in the various queues.

Is there a way to only show the agent once in wallboard?  Also, is there a way to filter the agent instead of listing all agents in UCCX?