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Position in queue with multiple CSQ's

Michael Martin
Level 1
Level 1

we have an application the is processing calls for 7 queues.

When calls come into a single CSQ, the position in queue reflects the correct position in queue for the caller and maintains the correct PIQ (Position In Queue).

When 3 calls come into 3 different CSQ's, the calls reflect the correct PIQ for the first iteration of the queue loop-

caller 1  into queue 1 - 0 callers ahead of you

caller 2 into queue 2 -there are 1 callers ahead of you

caller 3 into queue 3 - there are 2 callers ahead of you

When the 3 callers get through the queue once and get back to the PIQ section, all 3 callers indicated that there are 2 callers ahead of you.

Is the PIQ function only accurate if your using a single queue?

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