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Nexus Migration Tool (NXMT) is a web-based tool hosted on  that allows users to convert IOS commands or configurations from the  Catalyst Platform to corresponding NX-OS commands or configurations for the Nexus Platform. NXMT adds QOS support needed on the M1 line card on the Nexus 7000. NXMT is available for all customers and partners with a CCO ID. The tool can be accessed using the URL

Business  Benefits:

The migration of IOS configuration to NX-OS configuration requires indepth knowledge of both Catalyst and Nexus platforms to ensure accurate conversion of commands. NXMT is designed to automate the process required for migrating IOS configuration to NX-OS configuration.

  • Simplifies the migration of IOS configurations to NX-OS configurations
  • Supports multiple IOS version to NX-OS version combinations as shown below

Catalyst 6500 -12.2SX
Nexus 7000 – NX-OS 5.1
Catalyst 6500 - 12.2SX
Nexus 5000 – NX-OS 5.0
Catalyst 4500 -12.2 (54)SG
Nexus 7000 – NX-OS 5.1
Catalyst 4000 -12.2(54)SG
Nexus 5000 – NX-OS 5.0

  • Benefits the large install base of Catalyst 6K and Catalyst 4K platforms as customers plan to migrate to the Nexus platform
  • Intellectual Capital is developed and managed by Cisco Certified Network Engineers
  • Multiple options for the configuration migration: Quick converter for one-step conversion, Project based approach for data persistence and reuse
  • Detailed exception report to highlight the gaps in the migration process
  • Available on for free of cost.

Configuration  Command Support

User Guide and additional documentation on the scope of the commands covered in the tool can be found here.

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