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Community Manager
Community Manager

Join Sean Merrow as he takes your questions about configuring and troubleshooting the ACE module and ACE 4710.

Sean Merrow is an escalation engineer working in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center in Boxborough, Massachusetts. He has been with the Application Networking Services team for three and a half years. His areas of expertise include product configuration and support for the load balancing products, including the Cisco ACE module, ACE 4710 appliance, Global Site Selector, Content Services Switch, and Content Switching Module. He holds a bachelor's degree in information technology from the University of Massachusetts and CCIE certification (#25197) in Routing and Switching.

This TweetChat is the first in a series from our Ask the Experts group and will take place on Thursday, June 10 from 11:00am – 12:00pm  PT using the #ciscosupport hashtag. Discussion will include:

•     Configuring and troubleshooting the ACE module and ACE 4710

Submit questions in advance to @ciscosupport with the hashtag #ciscosupport or submit by posting a comment below (log in with userid to post a comment).

What is a TweetChat?

Tweet chats are online conversations, held at a  pre-arranged time, between a group of Twitter users, and using a specific Twitter hashtag to identify the discussion.

How Do I Participate?

On the day of the event, go to to follow the #ciscosupport hashtag. Alternatively, you can use your favorite Twitter client (i.e. Tweet Grid, TweetDeck) or TwitterSearch to follow the chat hashtag.  During the event, you can follow the discussion,  contribute questions, and submit your own comments by using the same hashtag.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever Ask  the Expert TweetChat.  You can join Cisco Support Community on Twitter  at

Here  is the archive of the TweetChat:

Q: Why can't I use  VLAN 1 on the ACE?

A: VLAN 1 is used between ACE mod and Sup. For  4710, VLAN 1 is used between mainboard and optimization daughter-card.

Tip:  Now you can securely backup your ACE including config, ssl files,  licenses, checkpoints in a single .tgz file.

Q: When  will the ACE module support secondary IP addresses?

A: SW A2(3.0)  introduced secondary addresses on the ACE with a limit of 4 per  interface. A2(3.1) increased the limit to 15.

Tip: Use  'show resource usage all' in Admin context to see if its time to  reallocate your physical resources. Look for denies.

Q:  How many ACE modules can I put in Catalyst 6500 chassis?

A: The  Catalyst 6500 will support up to 4 ACE modules in the chassis.

Tip:  You can find out more about ACE including configs and troubleshooting  at

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