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The Configuration Management Cloud Accelerator Kit v3.1.1 for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud includes:


  • Deployment Guide PDF
  • Terms of Use (as a subscriber to this community, you have agreed to these terms)
  • Cisco Prime Service Catalog (Cloud Portal) 9.4.1 service catalog packages
  • Cisco Process Orchestrator 2.3.5 automation packs


The kit is an extension to Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1.1 and offers:


  • Connectivity and Discovery Services for Configuration Management, including:
    • Opscode Chef
    • PuppetLabs Puppet


  • Puppet Registration and Lifecycle Management
    • Roles and Profiles
    • Environments
    • Class Parameter Overrides


  • Chef Registration and Lifecycle Management
    • Roles
    • Environments
    • Attribute Overrides


  • Configuration Options when Ordering Virtual Machines from a Template
    • Environment
    • Role
    • Parameter/Attribute Overrides


  • Orchestration includes:
    • Bootstrapping Chef clients and Puppet agents onto new compute nodes
    • Support for servers created by vCenter, vCloud Director, OpenStack and Amazon EC2
    • Invoking a configuration run to configure a server with the correct role


Please note that as a cloud accelerator, the configuration management content will continue to evolve over time and may include integrations with other configuration technologies. We welcome comments and suggestions and will do our best to respond and update as appropriate.


With regard to support, the first point of contact should be the author and/or this community. If you are having issues, moderators of this forum will determine and advise if a TAC case is appropriate, otherwise issues will be addressed here.


Some notes on this first release of the kit.

This is the first public release, and is very much still a work in progress aligned with projects Pancake and Maple Syrup as one of the foundational components.


1) Supported compute platforms currently include vCenter and OpenStack; Support for EC2 and vCloud Directory will be added in the coming weeks

2) Supported versions of Linux include Enterprise Linux 5/6 (RedHat, CentOS) and Ubuntu 12.x

3) Windows support is nearing completion and will be available very soon (no later than Sept 12).

The latest patches for v2 can be found here:


3.1.1 v3 September 30, 2013

Document VERSION 2

1. Added Support for the Application Stack Accelerator Pack (ASAP).

2. Added bootstrapping for Puppet Agents and Chef Clients on new Windows nodes via WinRM.

3. Added Application Code field when registering/editing Puppet and Chef roles. This code is used in the application stack accelerator (ASAP) to automatically name servers, with an application code designator.


3.1.1 v4 November 8, 2013

Document VERSION 7

1. Added support for vCloud Director with Chef and Puppet

2. Added support for EC2 with Chef and Puppet

3. Now allows a VDC to include both Puppet and Chef; platform is selected at time of order

4. Various fixes and reliability improvements


There is a known issue with accessing the System Health portal page from Cisco IAC 3.1 Extended Pages. To fix this issue, go to the Portal Pages tab in Portal Designer, navigate to the  System Health portal page from the Cisco IAC 3.1 Extended Pages group and check Make this page public on the General tab.


The latest patches for CMAK are available at Multi-Cloud and Configuration Management Accelerator Patches.

Fixes are currently available for the Chef automation packs.

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