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Janel Kratky
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Join us for the next Cisco TechAdvantage Webinar for a second session focused on Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA). This webinar builds upon the January 8th session and will provide additional insight as to the technical components of how DFA works followed by a live demonstration.

Cisco DFA is the industry's first to be optimized for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 at all points, simplifying application deployment (physical and virtual) and providing consistency (quality of service [QoS], availability of network services, user experience, etc.) at all points of the network for all kinds of deployments. It simplifies, optimizes and automates the data center (DC) fabric environment by offering an architecture-based on 4 major pillars (fabric management, workload automation, optimized networking, and virtual fabrics). Each pillar provides a set functions which are modular enough to be used independently so that the adoption of new technology is eased as the DC fabric architecture evolves.


  • Introduction and overview
  • Hands-on DFA Architecture
  • XMPP and PoAP Demonstration
  • Semi-Automated Workload Deployment
  • Fully Automated Workload Deployment with OpenStack

Webinar Logistics

Webinar Date: Wednesday, January 22nd

Time: 8am PST

Duration: 90 minutes

WebEx Replay - don't miss the live demo at 31:19!

Send any questions to For more information on upcoming Cisco TechAdvantage Webinars, go to: You can also follow us on Twitter @GetYourBuildOn.

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