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Svetlana Kryukova

Starting with Cisco Process Orchestrator 3.0 release, the Windows Active Directory automation pack no longer ships with the product. Customers who are still interested in the functionality that used to be provided by this automation pack can download this community version. The automation pack is provided "as is" without support. Customer can modify the processes within the automation pack to fix issue or provide additional functionality.

The automation pack contains the following processes:

  • Add Member to Group
  • Check Management Chain
  • DCDiag
  • Delete User Account
  • Disable User Account
  • Enable User Account
  • Example - Backup User Data
  • Example - Enable Admin Account for Specified Time
  • Example - Exiting Employee
  • Example - New Employee
  • Example - Reset Direct Report's Password
  • Example - Reset Password for User in Your Organization
  • Example - Reset Peer Password
  • Example - Unlock User Account and Set New Password
  • Generate Strong Password
  • Generate User Account Name
  • Get Domain Distinguished Name
  • Get LDAP Path
  • Get Object Property Value
  • Get User Distinguished Name
  • Move User Account to Different OU
  • Remove Member from Group
  • Set Object Property
  • Set User Must Change Password on Next Logon
  • Unlock User Account
  • Validate User Membership
Community Member

Thanks for uploading this... quick question: Do the dependency versions matter?

Currently I have the following dependencies + versions installed and am curious if I'll need to update them in order for this pack to function properly.

Core - v2.3.5.70

Common Activities - v2.3.5.70

Microsoft Windows Server - v2.3.0.441

Microsoft Active Directory - v2.3.0.441

Svetlana Kryukova

This automation pack is for CPO 3.0 release, and therefore requires 3.0 adapters and 3.0 versions of the dependent automation packs.

Active Directory automation pack depends on

- Microsoft Windows Server 3.0 automation pack

- Core 3.0 automation pack

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