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As with any discussion around UCS Management, you really need to see it in action.

This year's UCS Management Deep Dive went broader and deeper than all previous Deep Dives that I've done, and included brand new demo material such as :

    • Leveraging Updating Templates to make changes at scale
    • Highlighting UCS Manager as an Event-driven, Policy-driven, Model-driven, Relational, Hierarchical, XML database
    • Understanding the MIT, the DME and the XML/API Interface
    • Using the UCS PowerTool and the UCS Python SDK to drive towards greater workflow automation
    • Practical examples of UCS PowerTool and Python used in UCS Healthcheck andRacktables
    • Using "ConvertTo-UcsCmdlet" to help formalize/parameterize configuration changes
    • Making best use of the UCS Platform Emulator to model production domains before making configuration changes

The session pointer on CiscoLive365 is at :

And the Video file is at :

For best HD viewing, please download the .mp4 file first.

Feedback and comments are always appreciated.



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