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Niles Pyelshak
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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Ever wonder what VFC, VETH, VIF and HIF are in UCS and which path your packets are taking?   UCS infrastructure has several virtual components and this makes it challenging to troubleshoot but it is critical to understand. In this Webcast, Niles will discuss UCS interfaces and how packets travels from the UCS server. This includes what happens when a packet leaves a server from the vnic until it traverses the Fabric interconnect.  Once you understand the data path, you will be able to troubleshoot the Unified Computing System

Niles Pyelshak is a Customer Support Engineer for Cisco TAC works in Server Virtualization Team.  She has several years of networking and virtualization experience.  She recently passed her CCIE Certification in Data Center (#44608). As a Network Engineer, Niles was accustomed to getting on the command line interface (CLI) to configure and build her network. In server virtualization it is a little different. She is always amazed at how servers are mostly managed by Graphical User Interface(GUI) interfaces and CLI.  One can not underestimate the power of both interfaces and in this Webcast, Niles will leverage both GUI and CLI to demonstrate the UCS life of a packet.

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