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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2020

have for sale Cisco N5K-C5020P-BF Nexus 5020 and lot more


Cisco N5K-C5020P-BF Nexus 5020 ios 5,  can reset it have password unit was never put in service  with rack parts bouth sides two ios is on it one older              

Cisco N2K-C2248TP-1GE 48 Port Gigabit 4x 10GE SFP+ Fabric Extender DUAL AC used working

Cisco Nexus N2K-C2232PP-10GE 10GBE Fabric Extender with Dual AC Power  also used working 

New Cisco FET-10G 10-2566-02 Fabric Extender Transceiver Module 64 of them new,  and few cables, 

i cant afoud to run this was going put my home busness had most of it box up did them a favor they gave me the stuff device was unconfiger and was not updated i did full update even on bios all pass, unit is configer but i was just more less playing with it,  i can leave it configer as most what u all need done i also have lot mib files not from cisco that ack speed it up, can put on disk or flash i do sell on ebay if u feel safer but all this stuff wont be cheep ship one unit alone around 100.00  and have to have other perfeshly box   every thing works as far i tell it sees the mods above adds it in not tested every port but ran test found nothing wrong  u get a hold me if u like go throw paypal that i do as well, i just cant afoud to run this stuff it is much more then i expeckted   i do not have back rack mounts for other two,  asking 4500.00 the trascivers new worth what i asking for lot, thanks 

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