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CSS and REST API calls from Service Catalog 10.0


This presentation discusses

  1. how you can customize the CSS in Prime Service Catalog 10.0 to implement company or departmental branding;
  2. using the HTTP/WS Service Link adapter to call REST API endpoints.  There is additional information about this feature in the Prime Service Catalog 10.0 Integration Guide, in the section about HTTP/WS Adapter.


There are also some previews of new UI capability  to come in Prime Service Catalog 10.1.


Updated January 24, 2014


This is great information, in a concise format. Thanks for sharing!

Cisco Employee

I think that the section of CSS where the logo in the upper left of  the service catalog is change may not be accurate.  This is the CSS code  in the document:


.psc-top-icon {

border:2px solid #333;

background-color: #333;


background-image: url("/RequestCenter/custom/ACME/images/acme.png");


I found that I had to use the following instead:

     /* change company logo */
     .psc-header .navbar .brand {
          background-image: url("/RequestCenter/custom/[your style]/images/my_company_logo.png");
          background-repeat: no-repeat;

Good catch.  Thanks Johan.  I fixed the PDF file.


The material is really helpful. Is there any similar document for REST in v9.3.2? We are yet to migrate to 10.x where we were asked about the REST related possibilities.

Appreciate if you can help me on this.





I believe REST support in Service Link was introduced in version 10.0...


Does this apply to only the new Service Catalog module, or also to all the other modules?

Thanks for correcting me, Lim. Is it possible to invoke nsAPI via Service Link agents? Is there any step by step guide I can go through?

A use case is to connect with an external (DOT NET / Java / other) application from CPSC by pushing the data to automate some task in the external application.

For a different use case, I have tried WebServices via Service Link agent. Now the use case is to check the possibility via the nsAPI / REST API.


The CSS instructions are primarily for the Service Catalog module.  The head, before and after .html construct only works in the HTML5 module, which is Service Catalog.  There are some instructions for branding the Service Portal module, which is clearly called out. 

We have separated out the CSS instructions into a separate file, to make it easier for folks who aren't looking for information about making REST calls using Service Link: