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Day to day config-sync operations

Mathias Peter IT



I'm new to Cisco Nexus (but fairly seasoned with Cisco Catalysts running different flavors of IOS).


I'm currently exploring switch profiles on a pair of 5672UP running version 7.3(1)N1(1) and I'm struggling with how to achieve some — what I perceive as — day to day tasks:


• If I do a verify/commit and this fails, is there a command telling me which part of the configuration in the buffer fails to verify?

• How can I remove the buffered configuration part which fails? A "no" will be appended to the buffer and verification will still fail, so this is not helping. Or alternatively, how can I discard the buffered configuration? I've found a manual stating that the abort command should work in config sync mode also, but it's not available on the machines I'm testing.

• The configuration buffer takes all commands literally, even if it doesn't make sense. Such as entering an interface, deciding otherwise and change to another interface. The first interface … command stays in the buffer, even though it's just cluttering the buffer, doing nothing meaningful. Is there a command to "test-merge" the buffered statements against the current configuration to bring the buffer into a less cluttered shape?




If anyone from Cisco is reading this, I strongly suggest to add an editor like vim-tiny to actually being able to edit the buffer.


:wq! PoC (on behalf of my employer)


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