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VSM/VEM same host or same uplink


I want to know if is possible have VSM and VEM in the same host using the same uplink.

i guess is not possible, only if you are using 2 differents physical nics.

what do you think???

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There's no problem doing this.

To add the VEM host running your vCenter to the DVS you will have to manually install the VEM/.vib software, but after its part of the 1000v you can create a VM Port Profile for your vCenter and move vCenter's vmnic network binding from the vSwitch to the 1000v port group you created.  Once all the VM Port Groups, Serivce Console, & VMKernel Ports have been migrated you can move the phsycial adapter from the vSwitch over to the 1000v as a second uplink.  You'll need to create a Port Channels on the 1000v for your pair of uplink adapters, but this is fine.


1. Create separate Port Groups for your NFS, Service Console, iscsi storage, vMotion, FT port profiles.

2. Ensure the following types of Port Profile VLANs are set as "system vlans" in BOTH their Port Profile, and the Uplink Profile: Service Console, Storage VMKernel Interfaces, NFS, and Management.  This will ensure these VLANs are online in the event the host is reboot and can't reach the VSM to pull its port programming.

Hope this helps.



thanks for your answer.....

but I´m trying to understand your enviroment is:

  • ESX01 running VSM Machine, with Standard Switch use pnic02, Standard switch has (mgmt, control, packet).
  • ESX02 running VEM, added this node to Nexus switch, using pnic02 with system-uplink and pnic03 witch vm-uplink.

In this moment everything is working fine, i can see my VEM (esx02) in VSM, my problem is when I want to add the ESX01 to my Nexus Switch.........

when I add the ESX01 to Nexus, I used pnic02 with system-uplink and pnic03 with vm-uplink, after that I loose communication between VSM and VEMs (ESX01 & ESX02), the problem is because my Standard switch where is confugured the VSM doesn´t have pnic.

you can see that I'm using the same pnic or uplink (pnic02) for VSM and VEM, is it posible??? or i need to use a differente pnic for VSM perhaps pnic04.

i guess the correct way to configured is using differents pnic.


In your case you need one pnic/vmnic per uplink.

So on your ESX01, you'll need to use pnic01 to connect this VEM host to the DVS. If pnic02 is currently connected to your vSwitch you can't use this adapter to add the host to the DVS as its in use.  You'll need a free adapter for use with the DVS.

What I was mentioned is that you need to manually install the VEM software on this host because VUM can't push software onto the host vCenter is running on.  Refer to the VEM Software install guide on manually installation.


Thanks a lot Roberbur

that information is useful for me.

could you help with another doubt about vm traffic???

Sure Intosys2009,

What is your other question in regards to VM traffic?


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