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To personalize your user experience with DCP, Preferences are provided to shortcut your navigation at login.

The Preferences setting are provided in the top-right corner of the DCP landing-page, right from the Notifications center.

Following preference setting is available today :

General Workview to land on at login
  • List of workviews: private workviews, shared workviews where you are a SPOC, Admin or Member
  • Last One used
  • No Workview selected
Content Management Preset/Custom Table configuration to apply at login
  • List of Table Configurations: Custom configurations created by yourself, Preset Configurations
  • Last One used

Note: The preset configuration 'All Content' will only enable as an option if a Left Pane Filter (LPF) selection is applied when invoking the Preferences. If selecting 'All Content' it will be saved together with the LPF setting.

Open up the Preferences pane by clicking on the 'preferences' preferences icon.PNG icon. From the left column, select 'General' or 'Content Management'. In the right column define the best value to simplify your user experience:

Example: if you prefer to not always have to filter from the totality of records, define the preference to land on one of your defined workviews. Similarly apply an alternative preset or custom Table configuration if you are used to work with a specific Table configuration.

preferences v2.png

The value 'Last one used', which is the default, means that at log-in it will open up the Workview and/or Table configuration there were you left when logging out last time. It also functions if DCP was left unattended for 30 minutes and the auto log-out kicked in.

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