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FMC Sandbox issues

I tried reserving the sandbox but was not able to use it. I was following the lab and the first thing it says is to log in with admin credentials and create an api user. I don't have admin credentials. I tried the ones sent to me but they are not adm...

gcook0001 by Beginner
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"ACI Simulator AlwaysOn - V6" - Rarely operational...

Over the last few weeks I've had nothing but issues with the always-on lab. I am guessing it is getting attacked/broken by bad-actors or it is buggy. Using the ACI 5.2 reservation-only lab has been a good workaround but this lab has been decomissione...

jbekk by Beginner
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Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 12.6(1) Sandbox Not found

Hi , Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 12.6(1) Sandbox I tried to reserve the 12.6 sandbox and got the sandbox not found error. Could you please assist . Also, i thought to check the 12.5 sandbox and see that I could reserve only on 16th June. Could...

dpabbise by Cisco Employee
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Cisco Modeling Labs Sandbox Issue

Hello there,When I reserved The cisco modeling labs sandbox I get this error when I want to add a node or even opening dashboard to start a lab. Also when I open an SSH session to the lab I get this error: {"description": "Licensing issue: System is ...

dfezfd05 by Beginner
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I want to try the Introduction to Cisco SD-WAN REST APIs Lab, but it does not work. First of all, a message appears saying "SANDBOX NOT FOUND," and when I finally access Cisco SD-WAN 20.10, despite the introduction stating that this lab requires no r...

How to Save Collaboration Lab Using DRS

I'm trying to configure my Windows 10 PC as an SFTP server so I can pull the cluster config files from my sandbox lab.  The PC is the same machine used to access the sandbox.  Here's what I have so far: *OpenSSH installed and service running on Win 1...

Resolved! APIC sandbox credentials

Hello,The credentials to login to the APIC sandbox that are provided on the devnet lab are not working since this morning (but was working the previous days)Please, advice where we can get the new credentials,Best r...

aleberna by Cisco Employee
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FMC Sandbox is not working

Sandbox FMC doesn't seem to be returning data.  This is from following the below.  Please see the attached.  

ryanmbess by Beginner
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Connectivity Issue

Hello,While reserving the lab I am getting an error:Error occurred during "Provisioning" stage, See additional entries in the Activity Feed for more information.06:17:12 ERROR: OOB Setup script returned errorsDriver:UDC_EnvironmentDriver_E_v02Functio...

Learn NSO: The Easy Way! - ncs-setup command not found

I am in the first steps of the NSO Labs, specifically in Setting up NSO.When I run ncs-setup I get the error message: command not foundI reserved an instance of Cisco NSO Reservable Sandbox.Later, I connected with VPNAnd finally I opened a CMD in my ...

Other issue relate to jabber login

Hi,I am trying to login cisco jabber in advanced setting I'm account type as a IM&Presence and login server as a presence server IP address. Username and password are default which is given in lab user guide but unable to login. Am I doing something ...

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