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how to set the dial internal extension directly in AA TCL script

Dear all,

I  am using CME with aa-bcd service.But I would like to dial the internal extension directly without press '1' .But CISCO default script don't have that features.I am very glad if anyone help to edit this script.

In CISCO default script,to dial the internal extension with press '1' and after we can dial the internal extension.


Accepted Solutions
Cisco Employee

Can you please share the script you are using ?

Please kindly check the CISCO default TCL script file.

This is command file run is CISCO router



service aa-test flash:app-b-acd-aa-

  paramspace english index 1

  param max-time-vm-retry 2

  param max-time-call-retry 20

  param voice-mail 5003

  paramspace english language en

  param aa-pilot 6000

  param number-of-hunt-grps 1

  param dial-by-extension-option 1

  param handoff-string aa-test

  param welcome-prompt

  paramspace english location flash:

  param call-retry-timer 15

  param service-name queue

  param menu-timeout 5

  param second-greeting-time 30


service queue flash:app-b-acd-

  param queue-len 15

  param aa-hunt1 2000

  param operator 0

  param queue-manager-debugs 1

  param number-of-hunt-grps 1


This script has the feature built in. Please refer to this gudie.

if [infotag get cfg_avpair_exists dial-by-extension-option] {

set dialByExtension [string trim [infotag get cfg_avpair dial-by-extension-option]]

} else {

set dialByExtension "NONE"


f {$status == "cd_005"} {

set KATIMER(keepTime) [clock seconds]

set optionSelected [infotag get evt_dcdigits]

puts ">>>>>>>>>>>>> return from infotag get evt_dcdigits is : $optionSelected <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"

if {$optionSelected == $dialByExtension} {

puts -nonewline "TCL AA: +++ Collect Extension Digits +++"

set retryDigitCollect 1

leg collectdigits leg_incoming PARAM1

media play leg_incoming



Kyaw Kyaw San

If you just want to do :

Reuired Prcedure for incoming call is

The caller dail the PSTN number>>> (greeting prompt coming up)>>>>the caller can type the internal extension number directly or  the caller can type the operator number "0" to call the operator.

Then the bacd script is overkill.

You also need to think about if caller didn't enter digit in certain period of time what do you want to handle ? What is the extension digit length ?..etc. There may have existing script somewhere see if I can dig it out. Will update you later.

Dear yawchen,

I got all.thanks you for supporting me.You are awesome.

Glad it works for you !

Dear yawchen,

Thanks again your help.It is possible to edit this tcl script with NOTEPAD++.Because it default righ time is about 30 s and retry count is about 6 time to alreat the operator.I would like to reduce the time to ring time to 5 s and retry call time to 2.I edit in the script but it show error like this.Can u help also.

%CALL_CONTROL-6-APP_NOT_FOUND: Application aa-test in dial-peer 100 not found.  Handing callid 67 to the alternate app .

   set retrycnt 6 -> to set retry count

   set callInfo(alertTime) 30 -> to set ringing time

you can use notepad to edit

Dear yawchen,

I would like to add music on hold file while calling operator .It is possible.

Not with this script. In this script we call ext or operator immediately,  not put caller in queue so no need to MOH.

Dear Yawchen,

So please kindly guide me which is more compatible script for those requirements.Thank you very much!

Dear yawchen,

I would like to put the MOH while dialing the operator.Can you guide me how to do.

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