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Michal Garcarz
Cisco Employee

IOSXE RestAPI auth failing

Hello Team,

CSR1k 16.9.1.


I have enabled rest:

aaa authentication login HTTP local

username rest privilege 15 password 0 Krakow123
ip http server
ip http authentication aaa login-authentication HTTP
ip http secure-server


(i have also tested ip http authentication local or without that command)


Then my curls results are the  following:

$ curl -v -X POST -H "Accept:application/json" -u "rest:Krakow123" -d "" --insecure


 HTTP/1.1 411 Length Required


Why ?

(i've set content-length to 0 in the request but that did not change anything)


I have also tried classic rest API without token and got:


Response 401:

<errors xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-restconf">

 Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.55.27.png


Debugs on CSR:

%DMI-5-AUTHENTICATION_FAILED: R0/0: dmiauthd: Authentication failure from for rest over http.


Why failing ?


Michal Garcarz
Cisco Employee

OK, i've just found a solution for authentication failure (not for 411 error!)

I had exactly same issue with netconf:

To get restconf or netconf working we need to be sure the user is not only in priv15 lvl but also exec mode authorization is enabled via: aaa authorization exec default local (which puts ssh user directly in enable mode).

It would be good to update documentation to reflect that.


I am still troubleshooting my last problem - why when requesting for auth token i got 411 length required.


I have added all these commands (netconf-yang + priv 15 + aaa authorization exec default group (...))

 and still have this error:

%DMI-5-AUTHENTICATION_FAILED: R0/0: dmiauthd: Authentication failure from (...) for netconf over ssh.


in python script i have error:

ncclient.transport.errors.AuthenticationError: AuthenticationException('Authentication failed.',)

while credentials 100% correct


any ideas? soft: 16.8 IOS XE






I have the same issue. I fix it by performing the following steps:


aaa authentication login default group ISE-GROUP local
aaa authorization exec default group ISE-GROUP local
aaa authentication login NOAUTH none


line console 0
login authentication NOAUTH


double check the line vty 0

i had enabled - due to copy error - no exec.

So the ssh session arrives first via line 0 that serves as a kind of template. Replacing with <exec> solved some issues :-) BUT NOT ALL


I was getting the same error with "Basic Authorization":

%DMI-5-AUTHENTICATION_FAILED: R0/0: dmiauthd: Authentication failure from for rest over http


after enabling exec mode authorization it worked: # aaa authorization exec default local


%DMI-5-AUTH_PASSED: R0/0: dmiauthd: User 'devnet' authenticated successfully from and was authorized for rest over http. External groups: PRIV15

And furthermore, I'm currently working on 4K ISR routers.

Apparently they where 'defaulting' with:

ip http secure-active-session-modules HTTPS

ip http timeout-policy idle 600 life 86400 requests 1000


ip http session-module-list HTTPS ITS,WEB_EXEC,HOME_PAGE

ip http active-session-modules HTTP


This configuration did not accept the API request. Disabling this, allowed API request to the router. But - I guess this should be enabled, although I do not know today how to enable the 'API-service'. Also, I do not know that putting in the 'ip http secure-server' to enable restoconf/netconf, created the above configurations.

Good luck in your development and experimentation.



Robert Lageano

I have fixed my RESTCONF issue by just re-adjusting the privilege level of my user account.

I was using:

#ip http secure-server

#ip http authentication local

on the router, with a username that was created following:

#username admin secret cisco

It turns out that the error I was getting "authorization error" in my API call was related to the privilege level o the user

To fix it:

#username admin privilege 15


Indeed, good to read you have found the issue.

Maybe look at this video: it is a good start and that basic configuration works like you have found already:


Not that I like the sound of his voice or video's

Another good reading are the DevNet labs. Different tracks available. My tip: start small and go get information from your devices.

Start with getting accustomed.

Good luck in your journey.


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