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This is Part 2 of the Extremely Cool Command Line Tools - Supercharged with Rust series. For Part 1, see Extremely Cool Command Line Tools - Supercharged with Rust - {Part 1} Skilled network engineers, developers, system admins, etc. use Unix/Linux...

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  Skilled network engineers, developers, system admins, etc. use Unix/Linux commands line tools/utilities such as …. cat, ls, man, ps, etc.. Most of these were originally written for Unix or Unix-like operating systems, have been around for decades...

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What are bashrc and zshrc?   The .bashrc file (for Linux or other Bash environments) and the .zshrc files (for MacOS or other Zsh environments) are both files on your local system used to create aliases, which are like keyboard shortcuts for your sh...

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If you want to deploy an application where you need a wide range of team interaction, you often face a slow process and a high risk of lack of standardization. Imagine a web shop company with name xyz about to deploy a new application. So, the compan...

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What is AngelHack?AngelHack is a series of global hackathons that happen frequently in major cities. They ignite the passion of the world’s most vibrant community of code creators + change makers to invent the new and make change happen, together.The...

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