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Is Generative AI our Ally or Enemy?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As a Developer Advocate, I hear a lot of the excitement - and fear - that network engineers and developers alike have toward AI. 

In the news and on social media, a lot of this fear seems to center around whether or not AI will replace engineers. These fears can become compounded with each new development, like the creation of Devin, an AI software engineer who can find and fix bugs and even fulfill Upwork gigs.

DevNet Community Member Verlaine Muhungu touches on this topic in this Cisco Learning Network article (which inspired this Cisco Community post), in which he urges us to "acknowledge that AI is not a monster, but a tool that we can use to simplify our lives." His practical use cases for ChatGPT show how AI can be used to enhance our development work as network engineers.

Where do you fall in this debate?

Is GenAI our replacement, or the latest tool for engineering innovation and productivity? 

Are you using ChatGPT, LLMs, or other AI tools in your work?

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