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Forum Posts

Sandbox to test voice mail (CUMI)

Hello,I'm interested in implementing voice mail capability in my softphone application using Cisco Unity Messaging Interface (CUMI) but I want to test it first in a sandbox.The documentation says that I need a Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) for...

Unable to connect to DevNet CIS 7.0

The connection was working fine around a month ago. But currently I have got the following when trying to connect```Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: Connection refused. Check that the hostname and port are correct and that the postma...

In webex xml api do we have any api call which can return user who attended training ? means i want to fetch attended user of particular training.

Currently i found "LsttrainingattendeeHistory" this api call but it is sending data between two dates of Particular host. which return attendee of multiple training which held in "sessionStartTimeStart" and "sessionStartTimeEnd". But i dont want like...

mayur11 by Beginner
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Cannot VPN into Lab

Hi, I just provisioned a Lab for the IOS XE on 9000 and I tried to VPN in, but was unsuccessful. I am not able to get a response from, either via hostname or ip. It seems to not be up and working.

Alert: Upcoming Maintenance this Weekend

Hello Sandbox Users! Sandbox will be undergoing maintenance starting on Saturday, Jan 13th at 08:00 UTC (Jan 13th at 12:00 midnight PST) and will be back online Sunday, Jan 14th at 23:00 UTC (Jan14th at 15:00 PST). You will not be able to access the ...

smupadhy by Cisco Employee
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Advanced Cisco NSO Services definition

I did quick review of sample services open-sourced under <github account > and found that mostly they are tightly coupled with NEDsfor example :nso-firewall-services/firewall-rule.xml at master · NSO-developer/nso-firewall-services · GitHubhttps://gi...

vkostenko by Beginner
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