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Removing completed WebEx reservations / Provision_WebEx ended with status Failed with error: Unknown error

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how can completed webex reservations be deleted?

I cannot reuse my email adresses or conference ids for new reservations.

Right now i am trying to use generated uuids for:

- desired conferences id

- password

- email (plus @domain.tld)

But this results in an unknown error:

Unknown error.  Please visit for support.

I am mainly trying to get familiar with the apis in order to automatically join a user to an existing meeting.

Under i get an "access denied" using a free account.

So i started using the webex sandbox.

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Level 5

On the top screen of your reservation you can find an icon that looks like a hand with the word End.  If you click this icon,  it will end your reservation and you can start a new one.



Hello Craig,

thanks for your answer.

But how can i delete completed reservations?

Here i can see a list of them:

All options are disabled apart from open.

I cannot reuse email adresses within the "Provision WebEx"  command for a new reservation because they are already regisitered:

Provision_WebEx ended with status Failed with error: Email address xyz@domain.tld has already been registered. Please use a different email address.

Hello Ralf,

At this time, the webex credentials are with your password are created permanently. Once created, you don't actually need a reservation in order to continue to use webex once you've provisioned an account. Alternatively, you can also use a different email.

If you've lost your setup for your first WebEx, I can help you to recover those details

Please let me know if you've got any questions.