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Unable to VPN to PCCE lab sandbox through Anyconnect Client on Linux

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I am testing Cisco's Outbound API's through my web application interface  on a Linux server(CentOS 6.9) machine.

Followed the below instructions to setup the anyconnect client and connect vpn :

 Copy over the installer(anyconnect-linux64-4.6.00362-predeploy-k9.tar.gz) to the user's home directory (/home/<user>)

 $ tar zxvf anyconnect-*.tar.gz

 $ cd anyconnect-*/vpn

 $ sudo ./

 Accept the terms and let the installation finish.

 $ /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn -s connect <devnet sandox lab address>

 Prompts for username and password, provide the username and password.

Note: I do not have a GUI interface installation, I setup the anyconnect client through terminal. Also, I have the anyconnect tar.gz installer downloaded on my local windows machine downloads directory, I transfer the installer to the linux server machine through a ftp client(filezilla/winscp).

The above instructions I have referred from

The installation guide was not clear very detailed for Linux, and did not include the linux installer link as well.

My question is, have I missed any step above? SInce I get an error when I try to vpn into the PCCE lab, BElow is the complete connection trace -

$ /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn -s connect

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (version 4.6.00362) .

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2018 Cisco Systems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

  >> state: Disconnected

  >> state: Disconnected

  >> notice: Ready to connect.

  >> registered with local VPN subsystem.

  >> contacting host ( for login information...

  >> notice: Contacting

AnyConnect cannot verify server:

    - Certificate has expired.

    - Certificate is from an untrusted source.

Connecting to this server may result in a severe security compromise!

Most users do not connect to untrusted servers unless the reason for the error condition is known.

Connect Anyway? [y/n]: y


  >> Please enter your username and password.

Username: [<xyz>]

Password: XXXX

  >> state: Connecting

  >> notice: Establishing VPN session...

The AnyConnect Downloader is analyzing this computer. Please wait...

The AnyConnect Downloader is performing update checks...

  >> notice: The AnyConnect Downloader is performing update checks...

  >> notice: Checking for profile updates...

  >> notice: Checking for product updates...

Failed to get configuration because AnyConnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway. Contact your system administrator.

  >> notice: Connection attempt has failed.

  >> error: AnyConnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway. Please try connecting again.

  >> state: Disconnected

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