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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Level 1
Level 1

I have one of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phones (I love it), and am curious about using the Cover Screen (the outside screen) to allow a login.

I would be thrilled to unlock it with my finder print an allow the login without unfolding it.

Right now it’s:

  1. Unfold it
  2. Unlock it
  3. Open Duo
  4. Allow

Using the Cover Screen could be:

  1. Unlock it
  2. Allow

I work on many computers during the day, so I’m constantly allowing logins. Since the computers belong to others, setting up a device on them is impractical.

I don’t know where to suggest this though. Is there a place for this suggestion, or the possibility of development on this?

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Level 5
Level 5

Hi @Jackie_Meese, thanks for sharing this idea in the Community! There is not a dedicated forum in the Duo Community for feature requests. Our official process for filing requests is to work with Duo Support, or your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive if you have one.

However, I will say our Duo Mobile team reads the posts here, and I also happen to be the person who responds to our mobile app reviews. I collect information and feedback to share with the team on the app, including new requests we get (though, again, these are not officially logged). I will make sure to share your request with them!

Hi Amy,
may you have any update on this?

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