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 I have my duo recovery password saved in my Apple passwords but in the duo app there is no option to enter it. The support website says there should a reconnect button but there is nothing. Just a welcome page and activation stuff for making new acc...

Bryce1234 by Level 1
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hi!!i recently had to factory data reset my phone and lost all access to qr codes,backup codes.i set up duo for my Instagram accounts and now i cannot access them.I have phone number,gmail connected to my accounts but can't access duo acc.It keeps as...

I’d really like to contact users on the telephony report and ask them to use the mobile app and the “push” or “code” as we’re quickly burning through our telephony credits. I don’t see user names listed on the telephony report. Is there a good way...

bmckenna by Level 1
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Hi!  We have the occasional user tells us they receive prompts in other languages outside of their device default of English. We have one iPhone user who has no other languages installed, no keyboard/launcher apps, etc., and today after getting promp...


I used the search util on the forum to search the words in my post title but I was a little surprised this hasn’t been posted as a Q. I have a new phone. my old phone has the Duo accounts backed up to google. I was able to generate a QR code exactly ...

Tee3 by Level 1
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Dear colleagues I have the duo mobile app on my iPhone. I have several corporate Instagram accounts on it, it turns out that I changed phones and lost access to these accounts and I can't reactivate them. Can someone help me?

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