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Cloud Gateway: 14.3.0-032Gateway (HW/Virtual): 14.2.2-004Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-224Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Hello,  I received a mail containing the below alertSDS: Error fetching certificate from enrollment server. Please contact Cisco support if you  see this error repeatedly. I do not see any block on the ESA  What else could I check? Regards, Konstanti...

Hello,Our customer would like to know if there a way to log all URLs seen by the ESA during email inspection?I mean even if the ESA thinks the URL is not malicious we would like to get a trace of all url so that we can investigate in case a user rece...

RD77 by Beginner
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In ESA I would like to have the following filter: scan for URLs in message body. If the URL contains specific word (or match regular expression) i.e. for word "company" it would match https?://, https?://example-company.test. Then...

Lemat by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hi,At this moment i'm busy in a test environment to setup an appliance to only use GCM Ciphers and TLS v1.2 for in- and outbound SMTP connections.As a method i configured TLS 1.2. The GCM Ciphers are only available in the HIGH category Ciphers (check...

Siebe by Beginner
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Hi,Is it possible to activate the Quarantine Notification per Domain or per User?So that User gets a Notification, if an email arrived in his quarantine, but User doesn't get a notifications for his quarantine?Until now i found only t...

When I click on, it is showing Business justification needed and I have provided with required details. After that it is stating that thanks submission and your details are submitted. But, haven't get any response from 3 da...

pbabu6001 by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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