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Checking Internal System Data... Inconsistency found! Internal System Data at Cluster


After upgrading our C190s  to v13.5.1-277, when running the clustercheck command we receive this warning:


Checking Internal System Data..

Inconsistency found!

  Internal System Data at Cluster xx:

     xy has an invalid configuration (last updated Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969 EST by '' on )

How do you want to resolve this inconsistency?

1. Force the entire cluster to use the default settings for Internal System Data at Cluster xx

2. Ignore


We have forced the default setting and the clustercheck alert goes way until the next day or so when it comes back. Opened a ticket with support but they have no clue so far.


Has anyone experienced or seen this?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi amelo@ 


Usually by selecting the option "1. Force the entire cluster to use the default settings for Internal System Data at Cluster xx", should resolve the issue.

"The inconsistency found..Internal System Data at Cluster xx! " error indicates that one of the device in the cluster must not have accepted the Software License Agreement or End User License Agreement at machine level and configuration on the cluster might be using the feature linked with the License Agreement. Please re-validate the configuration on the device and make sure all the license agreements are enabled and check for inconsistencies again.



- Anjali


Thanks for the input. Is there a section in particular where you can check license agreements?  I have gone through all the menu options, including license keys, and found no issues there.


I did noticed the warning comes back again after going to a section where one receives this warning message (such as System Administration > Configuration File):


You are currently using a demonstration certificate (Cisco ESA Certificate) which is not secure and is not recommended for general use.

Create or import a certificate using the Network > Certificates > Add Certificate option.

The features/services that are currently using the demonstration certificate are: xxx


[ ] Do not show this warning again


Even after checking the "Do not show this warning again" box, the pop-up warning window would show up again next time you login to the appliance and go to the section option in question.

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